Welcome to Open Intelligence.

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Welcome to Open Intelligence.

Open Intelligence, is an organization dedicated to offer IT solutions by the use of open source software, open standards, interoperability and a business culture commited to innovation and collaboration.
We are commited to the communities dedicated to promote, create and distribute knowledge accordingly to the open source software´s philosophy.
Since Open Intelligence´s creation, we have worked to be an international competent organization that can provide IT solutions to organizations that require expertise knowledge, guidance and integrity in their IT-related projects.
Our main objective is to make Open Intelligence a synonym of talent and innovation from Mexico to Latin America and USA.

About Open Intelligence® Certifications

The Free and Open Source (FOSS) based technologies have gained more importance in the Information Techology industry, and several businesses, services and tools have emerged because of this Open Source projects.


Despite the crescent popularity of FOSS, is is still very hard to find talented people that can prove a certain level of formal education and knowledge regarding these topics, as certifications to validate knowledge about certain disciplines or technologies are very common amongst IT, but rare when it comes to FOSS development. Due to this, professionals who have the required expertise are not usually identified by Human Resources departments, and are not recognized for their knowledge.

Emerging Technologies

We focus on providing useful content, training and certification that cover the following criteria:

  • Required by communities and industry.
  • Independent from established platforms and providers.
  • Strongly based on FOSS and Open Standards.
  • Promote research and knowledge.
  • Innovative and updated.

Digital Inclusion

We developed introductory contents for people who have not had any relation to FOSS and are not familiarized to IT, as well as didactic material for children.

Free Knowledge

Education´s trend is focused on content´s availability for everyone, based on sharing philosophy. Unless it is explicitly indicated, the notes for our cpurses and other contents are available under the Creative Commons License BY 2..5 MX, and all coding will be available under BSD License. This way, once contents are published, everybody would have access to them, even under comercial ways by the terms stipulated under the licenses mentioned. It is important to mention that any other certification or course base don published content will not be oficially recognized and Open Intelligence´s usage of name is restricted.

Colaborative Spirit

Being this an initiative that was created by communities, we know colaboration in a group is more valuable than individual´s work. Therefore, we are open to develope new content, trainings and certifications with the input of our partners and communities. If interest is shown, and knowledge and necessity of topics are required, we are willing to colaborate in the development of new joint projects, as longs as materials are done under certain quality critera and published under open licenses.

Frequently free

Contents of our courses will be published and updated regularly under the course´s section. Contents will be available as we consider they cover our publishing criteria.

Gurus and hackers are beyond certifications

Amongst the FOSS developers communities, reputation of their members are primarily base don quality, importance and quantity of the coding they share and the projects they are involved in. The big names that have gained certain fame amongst FOSS es preceded by their work better than a certificate. In Open Intelligence, we are serious about what being a guru or a hacker is, we respect their work, and we do not missuse those Word in our courses and certifications. We don´t certify nor teach people how to be hackers, but we help them find their way through.

Our certifications



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Open Intelligence aims to create and identify capable and talented people to overcome the challenges that our clients share with us and require expertise and professionalism to meet their necessities. That is the reason why we have developed entailment strategies between community members, educational institutions, government and different private organizations to achieve shared goals.
There is a wide community of developers, integrators, managers, implanters and open source and FOSS users, which is the principal source of talent and projects, although it requires a formal acknowledge and education, as well as a continuous learning that complement its abilities to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Our partners

We achieved a place in the certification´s catalogue by including Open Intelligence Certifications with Mexico First through our Partner Gold, J&E Factory Integración Comercial, S.A. de C.V. México FIRST is a program from World Bank that offers subsidies from 35% to 50% off from the original prices for certifications, furthermore these subsidies can reach the 75% to 90% thanks to the support of local governments.

The AMI is a Civil Association that promotes the use and development of IT related to digital content, videogames and mobile technologies. Its main goal is to manage resources gotten by financial aid to promote trainings and affordable -or even cost free- events. Since AMI is required to generate projects and get financial support, the subsidies might considerably change.

Free Content

In Open Intelligence we aim to publish most of the contents that can build the elementary information for our courses and tests under free licences. These contents can be accesed from our course section. As long as contents developed meet the publishig and sharing criteria, these will be immediatly published.

Financial support and subsidies

Open Intelligence, together with our partners have decided to find better ways of making our courses and certifications affordable for professionals and students willing to receive them.


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